Meanwood and Chapel Allerton

My Meanwood aims and values

My Meanwood aims and values

We love that there are so many people who want to work together to make our local community a better place to live, work and visit. The My Meanwood group, which includes local residents, works closely with Councillors, schools, businesses, our neighbourhood policing team and others, to meet our aims.

Our Aims
  • Enable representatives of groups and organisations in our area to work together more effectively for the sake of local people and local community.
  • Enhance the offer of organisations coming into the area on a temporary basis.
  • Share and celebrate success.
  • Represent our locality in the city.

Our Values
  • Know our neighbourhoods well and represent local people truthfully and with integrity.
  • Ask direct questions of those we work with – use data and testimony, rather than assumptions.
  • Recognise that we have a smarter offer when we’re working together.
  • Be collaborative.
  • Be partners in learning.
  • Each contribute our skills, resources, knowledge, expertise and offers to further our collective aims.
  • Keep community focused.
  • Everyone has a voice.
  • Communicate well that we’re here and be proactive to discover and invite others to the network.


As part of Leeds Community Anchor Network, we also subscribe to its aims:

An image showing 4 different roles of an Anchor organisation in Leeds