Meanwood and Chapel Allerton
Aerial photo of the British town of Meanwood in Leeds West Yorkshire, showing typical UK housing estates and rows of houses from above in the spring time on a sunny day

Vision & Background

Established in 2001

We want our local area to be a community where
God's love is shared,
where all are valued and connected by strong relationships,
and where everyone can achieve their potential and live life to the full

Community is important

Communities give us belonging, human contact and shape our identity, and we believe that we all have something to learn from one another.

Knowing each other is an important part of community, so when we began as a project in 2001 (then known as Three Churches Project), we were all about meeting other people – mainly through creative arts activities.

Since then, we’ve expanded what we do a little, reflecting the needs and passions of our local area. However, the vision remains to bring people together from across the various neighbourhoods that make up and connect to Meanwood and Chapel Allerton, so that we all have opportunity to share in what it offers, what we can learn, and what we can give.

As a partnership of local churches, we seek spiritual wellbeing and fullness of life for all. And because we work alongside other agencies in the area, we are able to signpost people to other services where needed.

Our member churches: Holy Trinity, Meanwood; Meanwood Valley Baptist; Stainbeck United Reformed; and St. Matthew’s, Chapel Allerton. We are also partnered with Leeds South and West Methodist Circuit.