Meanwood and Chapel Allerton
a poster saying £3.50 is all it costs to shop at InterACT Pantry. The poster is next to a basket.

Pantry: What happens next?

Your membership's been accepted? What happens now?

If you’ve received a message accepting your application for membership of the Pantry, congratulations! You now have weekly access to some great savings. This page outlines what you can expect as a member of YLPMeanwood.

Image showing pantry opening times of Monday 2-4pm and 6-8pm, and Tuesday 9-11am

You will be invited to book a time to visit the shop during opening hours. The team on duty will sign you in, show you the ropes and give you your membership pack.

Each Pantry session will be split into 20 minute slots. To visit the Pantry, you’ll need to book onto one of these slots. This way, we will reduce the chance of members having to queue outside (there’s no indoor waiting area). It also means the team can do a quick stock check before each slot so that everyone has a fair chance to bag a bargain!

You’ll be able to book onto your next session when you’re doing your shop or online here. You can have one membership per household and will be able to visit once a week. If you’re unable to make it to your slot one week, don’t worry! We always keep some space for walk-ins, so just come down at a different slot and we’ll find a way to fit you in.

Please make sure you bring a cooler bag to each session as we may not be able to give you refrigerated or frozen items without it.

What’s available at the Pantry will vary from one week to the next depending on what’s available through Fareshare and other suppliers. Items will be marked either as a diamond or a heart, which reflects their regular value at other stores.

Regular membership entitles you to 7 diamond and 3 heart items per visit, PLUS membership (see the How Do I Pay section for more info) entitles you to 10 diamonds and 4 hearts.

When you arrive at the Pantry, you’ll be checked in by a member of the team. Another member of the team will be around to help shoppers, highlighting what’s new, the best bargains and giving guidance to any shopping limits we might have that day. For example, if there’s only 10 jars of coffee, we may ask you not to take more than one so that there’s enough for everyone.

When you’re done, we’ll check you out and ask you to book your next visit.

The best way to pay is to set up a standing order with your bank. It’s really helpful for us because it means we can plan more easily, so as a way of saying thank you, we won’t charge you for every fourth visit you make to the Pantry. That could mean you get one free week every month!

The standard Pantry cost is £3.50. If you have a larger household (that is, three or more people age 16+ or four or more children) you are entitled to a PLUS membership. PLUS members can choose to pay £5 when they shop and take home more goods. Whichever type of membership you have, you will normally take home goods at least 5 times in value what you’ve paid.

You can also pay by cash or by instant bank transfer in the shop. Our bank details are Interact CCP; Acc 00030580; Sort Code 405240

Don’t worry, things happen. If you miss your slot, get in touch with us and we’ll rebook you in.

There are also walk-in places available for each slot if needed, so if you can’t get hold of us, just pop down.

If we haven’t seen you for a while, we will probably get in touch to make sure everything’s OK and to check you still want to continue as a member. We have a limited number of memberships available, so unfortunately, we may need to close the membership of those not making use of the service.

How can I can in touch?

You can email, call Vanessa on 07961 535 767 or follow us on social media @ylpmeanwood.

You can find out more about the national Your Local Pantry franchise at