Vision and Aims

Meanwood is a divergent area, and its different neighbourhoods can sometimes feel a million miles apart.

We seek to be an active part of bringing transformation to our area by creating opportunities for local people to come together in fun and creative ways. We hope that in getting to know one another better, we overcome prejudices, build friendships and work together for the good of the community.

As a partnership of 4 local churches, we seek spiritual wellbeing and fullness of life for all those we work with, for our community and for the Church.

Because we work alongside other agencies in the area, we are able to signpost people to other services where needed.

Our Official Vision Statement:

Hearing Christ’s call to unity and recognising that we are stronger together than we are apart, the Partnership seeks to:

  • Work together to demonstrate God’s love in word and actions
  • Serve and witness in Meanwood and beyond.
  • Work with other agencies in reaching out to our local communities.