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Take a look back at some of the projects we’ve run over the years. You can read more in our annual reports, also published below.

A Wind of Change was a community theatre production performed in February 2018. Around 60 local people were involved in the process, working with a number of theatre practitioners from across Leeds. We’ve put together some photos and quotes taken from audience and participant feedback. 

You can also watch a video of the entire show here.

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Community Arts Projects 2011/2012 (click here): Drum circle, community choir, textile course, children’s craft parties and more!!!


Looking back at HOPE 11

Because we believe God loves us all, local churches and young people from across the city have come together to share and have fun with our local community.

This was the message with which we hit the streets of Meanwood on July 27-30th.  Joined by a team of 18 young people and adult leaders from across Leeds, all of whom were taking part in the HOPE 11 residential/mission, we ran a holiday club, community cafe, gardening projects and a “Party in the Park” event.

Ginnels were cleared; gardens were weeded and cut back; hundreds of people were fed free burgers and sausages; children danced, played, heard stories, made kites and banged drums; some ladies learned how to use a mobile phone and email.  A determined man twisted balloons on stilts for 3 hours, whilst others painted face after face after face…..

Testimony to God’s goodness was shared in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of places and to all sorts of people.  Add to that some amazing weather and we really did have an awesome week.

HOPE 11 was all about working together to see a little bit of God’s Kingdom on Earth.  Members of all local churches took part in activities, working hard alongside our friends from across the city to play our part in blessing Meanwood.  Thank you so much to everyone who got involved.

You can find out more about HOPE at or Hope 11 in Leeds on

A look back on Demonstrate Day, March 2011

Saturday March 26th.  About 65 young people from across Leeds came to Meanwood to serve the local community and share their faith.  This event, known as “Demonstrate Day” to those involved with Leeds Youth Cells Network, was organised this month in partnership with Three Churches Project.

LYCN has a vision to see a relevant Christ-centred youth work within walking distance of every young person in Leeds.  One of the main ways it does that is to support small peer-led groups of young people to meet together on a weekly basis – cell groups – across the city.  Larger gatherings are one means of supporting those cells – encouraging young people as they realise their part in a much bigger picture of Church.  Demonstrate days take place 3 times a year.

The team split into groups.   Two groups collected litter from around the estates and helped with gardening and clearing work at two addresses identified by local church members – homes of a young family and an elderly lady.

Another group went to run sports activities at the Multi Use Games Area near Aldi and the third ran a family fun day on site at Stainbeck Church.  This included mask-making, bouncy castle, sports games, face painting, circus skills, drumming and beat boxing.   It provided space to meet people and talk with them, learning more about our local community and sharing faith.

Later we ate together, shared stories, prayed and sang worship.  It’s was a good time to reflect on the day, relax and meet with God.  We realised that lives were touched through the simplest things; maybe we forget that a simple act of giving really can make a world of difference.

The work done that day was just a part of what we are already doing, building on old relationships as well as opening up new opportunities.  The young people taking part grow through serving and learning to share their faith.  For our part, as the people “on the ground” in the locality, we have the privilege of taking things forward, nurturing seeds and continuing relationships, with the prayer of seeing more of God’s Kingdom in our area.