Fun with Food

fun with food 1My three-year-old granddaughter is getting to realise that she can be the centre of attention at a family get together if she creates entertaining discussion or even an amusing game. This means that the whole process of eating the meal is long but certainly a charming affair!

I understand that this is less agreeable when a busy parent has a list of jobs to get done but nonetheless, it is important to try and make meal times a happy occasion.

There is so much children can learn while enjoying meal times, cooking, playing with foodstuffs.

Communication, language and literature

  • Hearing and using new words will extend their vocabulary
  • Children will be introduced to text in recipes and on labels

Personal and Social development:

  • Gaining confidence and self-esteem can be gained by sharing and preparing food with others
  • Children will extend listening skills and practise following instructions
  • Children can have the opportunity to release tensions playing with dough and relax while swirling cake mixture or stirring juice or sauce in a jug
  • Learning how to handle cooking equipment, tools and cutlerfood fun 2


  • Introduce children to hygiene and safety rules

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Children will learn basic scientific concepts and aspects of nutrition
  • Gain an early understanding and appreciation of different cultural tastes and culinary techniques


  • Children can count, weigh, measure and count while preparing food
  • Learn to recognise numerals on jugs, packets and recipes
  • Learn to recognise shape and pattern

A tasty & easy to create recipe that you can make together:  

Eggy toast

2 eggs, half pint milk, bread & butte milk, beating in. Coat bread slices with mixture and fry in butter until golden.





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